Sleizen Magnetics

 Prices, January 2017

These are guideline prices only. Costs will vary depending on the following- the amount of restoration required, whether a CD copy is needed (or just .wav/ .mp3 file),  and the complexity of the editing and documentation. Larger orders (over £100) can be negotiated.

Open Reel Tape - £10 per reel (30 minute reel at 7.5 ips).

Vinyl - £10 per LP

Cassette - £10 based on a C60 cassette.

DAT/ Minidisc - £10 per hour

For the services above, you get quality A/D conversion using professional equipment to .wav or archive quality CD-R. We supply the CDs, cases and printed insert if required. If you don't require a CD copy, we can supply .wav or .mp3 files on a flash drive or transfer them to your computer. Please call to confirm an editing sequence or we will produce the track list ourselves.

Tape Repair - Call us first so we can see the physical condition of the source material. This is a time consuming problem and there is no guarantee it can be successful, but there are solutions and we have used them before. 

Corrupt/ unrecognisable CDs/ file types - Again, call us first so we can discuss the problem.

Location Recording - £10 to £20 per hour recording time, depending on the location, complexity of the job, etc. Further editing and transfer to CD/ file is £10 per hour.

Multitrack Recording - Call us with your requirements - we usually do small projects like wind ensembles and folk bands. We can produce demos and rehearsal recordings at a reasonable cost, and mix down to tape/ DAT/ file. 

Installations and servicing -

Our procedure is to provide a quotation following a site survey; please call us and we will arrange a visit.